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What’s On Your Mind?
( / Germany)

What’s On Your Mind?

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

You slowly take away my rights
Like a slow poison
Hoping I will not give a fight
I can see without a light
Even in the black darkness of the night

What’s on your mind?
My dear

You ponder thoughtfully away
Almost every single day
How to get rid of me in your play
Trying to frustrate me
Sadly you underrate me
Attempting absurdly to captivate me
With your charming sweet lies
But your deception shows in your eyes

What’s on your mind?
I ask you

You look as though, full of fear
Perhaps you are horrified
At your own wicked ideas
Scenarios playing out inwards
Common attributes of a coward

What’s on your mind?
I say to you
Your face looks already troubled
Before you undertake your actions
Pretending you are worried
About my possible reactions

What’s on your mind?

I have no fear
I am ready and steady to prepare
For the battle of minds
This battle will be one of a kind

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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