What's So Difficult

Living within an interior atmosphere of spirituality
on a daily basis, contemplating the beauty of life
and nature.

Being consistent in thoughts that come to mind, only
wanting humanity to be kind, compassionate, caring
and good to one another.

Not letting their race, nationality, religion, being
matter at all, why can't people treat all people with
dignity and respect, what is inherently wrong with them?

Having an ingrained personality of mean-spiritedness,
walking this earth of inequality, seeing across the
barriers, all people are born equally.

Why don't they continue to treat each other that way,
communicating and finding that 99% of people will agree
with this.

So why is there so much animosity, hatred, racism,
prejudice in our close-knit world, where are the
heroes and champions of justice?

Have they all been defeated by so-called politically
correct people who have no decency themselves at all?

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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