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What's The Big Deal?
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What's The Big Deal?

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Can I,
Be Mean?
Do I,
Choose to?
I can curb my anger,
If a fire hydrant is near!
Become distracted by spinning hubcaps
Shining on a speeding car
To chase.
Amuse myself,
By running around in circles...
To catch my tail,
When I'm getting none from you! ?
Isn't that what you think of me?
A dog.
After you've yanked my chain,
To satisfy your urges
To hear my growl?
And then give me looks
As if
My going ballistic
Suddenly occured for no reason,
Because I couldn't find
A lost bone I buried in the backyard?
Isn't that what you discuss with friends?
How I can go off on the deep end for nothing?
All they need is to be here...
With you.
For five minutes.
To you constantly whine,
Over 'my' decision
To season the tasteless meals you prepare.
And you expected me...
To eat meat you cooked,
I could not chew...
IF I had three sets of dog teeth,
And a chisel and a hammer!
Can I,
Be Mean?
Do I,
Choose to?
I was honest when I said,
'You are no Martha Stewart! '
And you're NOT!
What's the big deal?
'Anyone blind cooking for the first time,
Could cook better than you! '
Why did you get upset after I said that?
Did you want me to lie?
That's not being mean at all!
IF 'you' were threatened with the possibility,
Of choking to death,
Murdered willingly!
What would you do?
I appreciate your talents, honey!
But none of them are associated with the kitchen.
That's not being mean!
That's self preservation.

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