MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

What's The Difference

I still feel pain
I still cry
Twenty -four hours
Make a day
What's the difference?

The nights so quiet
I still hear my heart beat
And when I hurt
I still bleed
What's the difference?

Six years I was sober
And the grass is still green
But now I smoke weed
Will it make me normal?
I can't tell
What's the difference?

There will be those
Who don't see it my way
And those who are prisoners
Of themselves
I can't tell
Are they normal, if not
What's the difference

I'm leaving soon
As scared as I came
And given some time
I'll have problems again
But this time around
I know
What the difference is

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Comments (2)

This writing flowed and was thought provoking. Sometimes we ask, 'What's the difference, ' and if a difference would have made a difference. It seems no matter what you say, do, have done, it all seems to come back to where it all began. I am hoping that in your life, you will find some peace as I know what it is like always running, and looking for that which is missing or never received. Take care.....and praying you find some peace.....
Smoking weed? More to life than smoking fatties, mate. Drink your fill, bang your head against the wall, forget her and move on...that's what I say. poem, mate. Laters...