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What's The Plan Man
CMM (1953 june / Glasgow Scotland.)

What's The Plan Man

Poem By Charles M Moore

I've wondered who I am
and where it's at
and what it's all about
and I don't understand
I'm just a man
I'm just a man

Where does it begin
is there a start
a true beginning
is there an end
well I don't understand
I don't understand

Tell me is there anyone
who knows, who can tell me
what am I supposed to do
is it up to me or you
tell me is there anyone
who can say
help me find the way
and show me some meaning
I don't understand

I was wrong at birth
but they saved me
but what was my worth
I've tried to make beginings
what if there is no end
to all that I've become

Life is beautifull I know
but it's horrible below
you may not understand
but I am just a man

I have tried to reach the heights
and become all that is possible for me
I had heaven in my sights
and realise all that wasn't meant to be

No excuses no regrets
I've helped some people forget
all the pain they felt inside
that they tried to hide
it's a wonder it's a spell
how the time delivers well
its turned out how it's meant to be
except for me

There are times when I'm alone
and I just wish I had a home
or someone who would love me
and take me as I am

But I'm too complicted
they don't understand
how it feels to be confused
and be totally bemused
by world affairs and family doubts
what's it all about

People seem to understand
be in command
and hold themselves together
knowing or in doubt

I feel like I am outside the circle
that is planned
some alien, some species
that the world can do without

What for me
what for anything
that I don't understand
what's the point
what's the difference, the hope
the reason
what's the plan, man.

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Comments (4)

This is an exceptional poem and so, I will keep it with my favorites. No other comment can do this justice! Wonderful. Esther : ]
I think of 'The Stranger' by Camus. The reason I wrote the previous sentence that way was to avoid having to punctuate the French title. I really liked this poem. It contains the raw emotion that drives us to be - and not to be. I think Sartre had a whole, brain-damaging book about this - translated as 'Being and Nothingness.' I'd give the French title, but - oof! - I don't know how to inser the proper diacritical marks. Just pulling your leg. The poem was great! The poem was great - but, we are all strangers, waiting for the next train. 'Here is the Three of Wands! ' says Madame Sosostris. 'Changes will be favorable, but beware of risky investments! ' 'Here is Belladonna, Lady of the Rocks! ' And so forth. Love, Will
Sadly people do feel out of place and lost. I wish I could know the plans for some then I could help them along their way. a deep felt write Charles. Patricia
Yes, complicated - wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball to just have some idea if we are headed in the right direction in our lives? Then maybe we wouldn't waste time traveling down the wrong roads. But it's all about experience and free will - it's OUR plan, man. Linda