What's Worse: A Fight That Changes Everything Or Nothing?

I hate to see you walk away
It hurts me more than you could know,
I don’t want things to stay this way.
I can’t just let this go.

Next day you decide to pretend
That everything’s ok,
That all our fighting without end
And all the disarray

Did not actually come to pass.
Our arguments weren’t real,
And all the anger, poisonous gas
That was released and that we feel,
We never speak of nor, alas,
Will from it ever heal.

You smile at me and my mind spits,
‘How dare you look at me that way.”
On my tongue yesterday’s topic sits.
From our fight I will not stray.

Yet when I try to be angry. Mean. Try to disagree.
I want to punish you with my spite,
Yet you manage to wean me
From my confidence—my will to fight.
I can never stay angry.
I never tell you what I know is right,
So the cycle continues endlessly.
Soon we’ll have another fight,
This I can guarantee.

We’ll still be friends, just like before,
But neither will admit,
That the underlying bitterness we both ignore
Will never again permit

The closeness that we once enjoyed.
In my heart there lies a void.
Nothing ever changes. It seems nothing ever will.
I can’t help but think of all the dreams I know you could fulfill.

I wonder at your attitude
And I ponder mine.
I wish one of us, just for once, would have the guts to really speak their mind.

by Kathlene Ann

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