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What's Your Name?

So it's just like one day
I realized
That I'm not going
Where I should.
Hiding behind the mask of laughter
Jokes and light conversation
Why couldn't anyone see
The ME inside of me?
Was I really that good
At hiding my pain
I never knew that hiding
Meant becoming numb
Pain, unbearable
A cage, unecscapable
A past, unerasable
And feelings, unexplainable
All those questions
Why i hide from myself
The honest answer is
I just don't know.
Maybe I'm not as strong
As they thought I was
I never thought that
I was strong at all
So weak, I fall
While I build that wall
I've finally become
Nothing at all
No heart
Where's my soul?
What happened to
My true happiness?
I never knew
A person could be a lie
Until I became
One myself
So one moment
I lost myself
I never knew
You could become someone else
Wasn't my desire
To help others?
Then how come I couldn't
Help Myself?
One more time
One more line
We can't rewind
Where am I?
So tell me please
Who I've become
You don't know?
Of course. I'm no one.
I thought maybe
I could be someone
Who could possiby
Make a difference
i always wanted to be someone
To whom others said 'wow'
But the wow i get now
Is not what I wanted
So then there's
One question you asked
You asked me
'What's your name? '

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