What She Has

I got an invitation today, to your wedding horray!
Here I go, driving to this thing
Wondering if this is right, or wrong
The feelings I have for you shouldn't be this strong
Here I go, to meet your bride, for the very first time
Little do you know the feelings I feel
Little do you know, what you do?
The desire, that you bring out in me,
With the little things that you do and say.
Here I go walking in this place, better put on my smiling face
Sitting there as you say I do
Feeling like such a stupid fool
I shouldn't have let you get close to me
I knew you were trouble from our first meet
Now that the wedding is over, I wish you the very best
Only god above knows I am lying, I wanted you for myself
Boy is she a lucky girl, I hope she realizes
Ones like you are hard to find,
The ones that make you stir deep inside
The ones that can make you dropp to your very knees
With a fingers touch, or a passing gaze
Little do you know, what I would give
To lay in her shoes every night, to lay next to you in bed
Friends is all we will ever be, I know that to well
I would never tell you the way I feel, when I am next to you
I wish you well, in your marriage, I wish you both the best
I just hope she realizes, just what she has.

by jeannie schmidt

Comments (2)

an envy of love maybe yours.. sometimes it happens...if it yours, it is yours... nice write and creativeness of emotions jeannie.... Best Wishes, Ency Bearis
How very noble, and sweet, love sometimes can call upon us when we least expect it, and yes, it is painfull to keep silently the secrets you wish the world could see and feel with/for you... Things happen for a reason in life, sometimes the worst of reasons...You will move beyond this, you will see..... Very good write, and filled with alot of mixed emotions....