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What Should I Do When I See Her?

Her scent I have wanted to breathe in
Her sweet smile I have wanted to see
Her gentle voice I have wanted to hear
And her light touch I have wanted to feel

She was all that I could have wished for
That I could not ask God for more
For one moment, she was right here with me
But subsequently she was nowhere next to me

I must have misplaced her, somewhere
Searched all corners, and everywhere
But I failed to pick up her scent even
I’ve lost her, and I can never be forgiven

Hours, days and even months have passed
This left me with utter devastation
With misery that surpassed comprehension
That made me wonder, “How long will this last? ”

I’m still holding on to memories I’m left with
I’m keeping all written poems she left me with
My days with her, there were not a “You” and a “Me”
Because all we had was a “We”

And yesterday, I stood right there, waiting
Just to catch a glimpse of her
I looked towards the door, thinking
“What should I do when I see her? ”


by Verisa Inggriani

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