Uttung Aamuchi Uttar

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refreshing to read this poem with mueller's accessibility, pleasant and quirky imagination (which i relate to) , and her great nouns and verbs and images. it was here in ph i was recently introduced to her poetry, and i followed up by checking from my local library her pulitzer prize-winning book- it's full of good stuff! visually looking at how the poem is rendered here, i wonder if the last line should actually be two lines. to keep a poetic conversation going, here's a short poem of mine with similarities to this one: Dog sniffs intently round a spot of dirt- what worlds we don't know! glen kappy
that's the trouble with people they are always to busy to listen?
Excellent write! Excellent wit! ! ! Excellent companion for a long empty night.
Nice poem about living with happy dog. Thank you Lisel Mueller for this poem.
After reading the Moon Fishing I just couldn't stop and came to her page for more. This is poetry at best. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems.
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