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What The Heart Say
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

What The Heart Say

I was enclosing my heart in silence for too long,
i was fading away.
Never thought to love again so strong,
never waited to live that day.
When i saw your eyes,
and i fell with no resistance.
I didn't realise,
that i should keep my distance.
I flied to heaven that doesn't exsist,
i knew my way up to paradise,
i spread my wings through the mist,
i saw reality without lies.
Listen to what the heart say,
it will lead you to me.
We will fall for each other every day,
we will be lost in a sweet reverie.
Listen to what the heart say....
My heart with love is growing,
my emotions for you are burning,
our stars-in the sky-are glowing,
our souls-for love- are yearning.
It's when roses blume,
even though, we are not in spring.
And higher rises a moon,
it's when angels constantly sing..
Listen to what the heart say,
be lost in love every day....

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