What The Heck Am I? By Gio Masserati

when your heart has to be come the poem
no words fall out
opportunity has knocked at my door
the sharing words are locked up
now deep inside
only one has the key
and the shy little girl takes over
leaving her feeling all alone
in her dreams
I want to walk in the forest with you
and have ice cream
I want to share my miracles
you have come inside my sanctuary
and frozen are the very words
my heart aches to say to you
now the beating has returned accelerated
all I can do is to stay in your arm longer than the rest and hope you notice how lovely I am there
maybe distance is not the same
absence vs. distance
absence has made my heart grow fonder
Lord, help him come the distance it takes
only he has the key
frustration and doubt
words can't fall out
need a lil' help here

by Gio Masserati

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