What The Hell?

What the hell did you mean to say?
I love you? Well it did not come out that way,
Your actions are childish, your schemes not cool
Well this older woman just isn’t a fool.

Trying to love a man-child is hard at best,
My friends all warned me that you’d fail the test,
But love you I did and what is there now?
All of the sadness of love’s broken vow.

I know that time will heal my broken heart,
That love’s will come and love’s will part,
But try is I might I cannot see,
Getting over the one who was younger than me.

So I say again what the hell?
Were you brought to my heart to carve out a shell?
Or to smash the place where my heart had been,
To love them and leave them and do it again?

Your heart is fickle like many before,
You come and go through the revolving door,
Well let me see if I can explain to you
My heart is not something for your zipper to do.

If we were only that, then you missed the boat
That ship has sailed and is no longer afloat.
So what can I say, only time will tell,
But right now my heart says “You go to hell! ”

by Linda Farrar

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