SJ (1991 / arizona)

What The Hell Did I Do Now.

Just can't stop thinking,
what the hell did I do now?
Just can't stop going,
I'll never stop at this rate,
why would I want to stop?
no problem with going without blinking,
because blinking might mean less thinking,
and in turn lead to lack of moving,
which may screw with my constant,
constant going.

Never stopping,
always knowing,
what could have been,
when it should have,
but then again,
pausing may lead to causing,
but i do cause,
screws with my brain.
What the hell did I do now.

Always going,
never running out of,
battery power,
can't stop thinking,
God, my brain won't shut off.
Why can't you just,
shut it up for a while,
just some peace,
shut up head.
You're talking too loud,
and i can't hear myself think.
What the hell did I do now.

I can't be crazy,
or could i be,
that would make more sense,
who cares,
apparently I do,
shut up brain,
without choice,
fiction or fact,
true or fake,
combination of lack,
combination of hate,
I'll never stop at this damn rate,
What the hell did I do now.

by Sandra jacks

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