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What The Knight May Bring
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

What The Knight May Bring

Wisdom without judgement,
Sorrow without care,
Emptyness without feeling,
And tommorow without you there.

A darkness that lingers, never leaving its place.
A human who is bitter and feeling along, left and ashamed.

Rebirth in a new direction,
A light with no brightness at all.
Only the sound of breathing that you and only you can make the knight call.

A shawdow hanging over head,
Resting peacefully,
Waiting for anyone, who happens to be some company.

It listens without failure,
It never draws astray,
It guides without waking,
The course you no not where.

When it finally abandons us,
And leaves us till later and still.
It leaves us with more questions,
But has given us its just reward.

By sharing it's haven,
It's allows us become,
Only what we invisioned and what out souls have let us become.

So when the knight falls upon you,
Open thy eyes whole,
And reach for the shawdow that watches,
For he is there to take your soul.

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