Perfect Summer

their was a time I knew what you were thinking
I could even pick up on what you were feeling
But these days I don’t know you
I couldn’t even guess

Not really knowing who you are
Not knowing what to expect
But loving you
Caring for you

With every fibre of my being
knowing that I should let go
Knowing that what I based it on
Is no longer their
No longer exists

But being unable to let it go
Unable to not care about you
I wish I could go back to a time
A time when you weren’t in my life
Or back to that one summer
The summer were it all clicked
The summer it was all perfect

That blissful summer were all my worries fell away
I felt safe and content
And thought I would always be happy
But then the summer ended
Reality hit again
I started work and responsibility hit
And things were never the same again

by layla joseph

Comments (1)

A seemingly very nervous rendition of this fine poem; far too static and monotone. The last line is the most powerful line, yet it is rendered no more differently than any other line. This reader needs exposure to raw, naked emotion! 5.5/10