(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What They Had To Do To Accomplish

If I had NOT be taught,
Very early in my childhood...
That a good life to live,
Involves a doing of it...
With discipline and sacrifice,
To daily commit as if obligated.
I too would believe,
I was entitled to get everything I wished.
With a receiving of it,
At someone else's expense.
And all I had to do,
Was to pretend I was the reason...
Someone I dismissed but achieved success,
Had been motivated by my suggesting...
Having initiative to first implement a step forward.
While they fed off of my applied procrastination.

'I get so tired of hearing these folks say,
What they had to do to accomplish.
And on their own.
As if I had not been right there,
Exposing and revealing to them my dreams.'

Are you referring to me?

At least when I come to visit,
You listen to me without interrupting.
And besides,
I like the snacks you buy.
It's like...
I'm in my own home.'

I am glad to be blessed by your visitations.

No problem.
If you weren't so modest,
I wouldn't visit so often.
You need any help moving the furniture around? '

No that's okay.
I'm going to catch my breath,
Before I move the appliances back into the kitchen.

'How cold is that beer in the 'frig'?
You should buy a cooler.
I would have chosen another color,
To paint this room.
You should have called me.
I would have recommended something else.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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