(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What They Know

Most people, not all...
Seem to be affected,
By wanting an attention to get.
And they can not, will not and wont,
Mind their own business and with it done...
To commit to a doing of it.
With the meaning of the word 'DO'.
Like children who think hearing 'NO' means 'YES'.
To then put their lack of discipline to a test.
People are more committed to test and tease,
Those demons inside them they wish to please.

It is af if they have an allergic condition,
That prevents them to live their own lives.
Too many want to interfere and infest,
With a doing they can prove is effective...
As a sense-less-ness,
Comes out of their mouths that are open wide...
That satisfies an urge building up inside.

And events like this are not isolated at all.
It is a spreading epidemic,
That has made many people convinced...
Their 'innocent' participation in sharing rumors and lies,
With innuendos whispered...
Have nothing to do with destroying relationships.
Family members and friends,
Are often 'solicited' to become the first affected.
To then be the cause and reason,
Inner city violence continues to rise...
Before disbelieving eyes watching this devastation,
Grow out of contol from minds invested to have manifest.

To then involve police, priests...
And ministers representing faith based places,
To put an end to what they've started by asking God...
For answers to overcome their ignorant disgraces!
But folks lieing to others about what they know,
With mouths open wide to reveal themselves exposed...
Are limited in consciousness to accept,
Like children who think hearing 'NO' means 'YES'...
Can not associate truth heard to them told,
With a using it to reduce their own suffering and pain...
That remains to be blamed on others they wish sold.

'We are killing ourselves,
Because our ancestors were oppressed.
And denied freedom and equality.
Freedoms we now use to abuse and suppress ourselves.'

~Well that makes more sense now.
You had us believe,
You were killing yourselves because of self hatred.
Who knew you were doing this to pay homage? ~

That's what we are doing.
Proving how down to Earth we can be.
And reminding others who have lost the way.'


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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