(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What They 'see'...Is Ez

Some folks are just not cut out...
To do what they perceive,
To be as easy as they believe.

Or someone critiqued and discredited,
Who makes it look that way!
Isn't that what others have been known to say?
So they too 'conclude'...
From their point of view,
What they 'see'...IS

'Would you like another piece of cake?
It took me hours to make it.
But you ate three pieces in ten minutes flat! '

~Each piece was so delicious.
Very tasty.
Ten minutes?
I didn't know that! ~

What appears on the surface,
And done with skill.
May seem so simple,
To those disconnected...
As to how that skill is applied and fulfilled.
And what it takes to communicate it.
Whip it into shape...
And bring it to 'life' to make it real!

Walking from A to B,
My be nothing for someone accustomed...
To walking.
And walking!
Then talking from C to Z.
But it may take another,
Who huffs and puffs...
A day to arrive at the corner store.
To announce by the end of the week.
What was done,
Can not be handled anymore.
The store stays 'crowded'.
All the time!
Standing in line is such a bore.

Everything on them hurts.
And their mind is sore.
From trying to make an impression...
To leave on someone,
They are hoping to convince,
What they've done makes sense.
And very soon will be done again.
Since it is much adored!

But before they do 'that'...
Other priorities they've ignore,
Must be further explored.
With a more determined focus given.

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