What They See

Who would believe you have given love
When you are the one who left
Whose gonna trust you again with love
When they always blame you for heartache

Who would appreciate you for coming in her life
When all they see is the sadness she’s feeling
Who would believe to all the poems written
When all they think it’s a lie

No don’t get me wrong and think im unaffected
I have a soul, I feel, and I love
Though I know I’ve been wrong and walked away
But the time that im with you - it is true

Now they claimed they know me well
Said all the things they thought was me
Only if I could show them what it is like
Maybe then they could understand….

by Mark Anthony Mendoza

Comments (1)

good rhymes =) ... everybody have the unknown sides... unknown sides that not all people could see.... they may the left side but never the right side =) keep on writing =)