What To Do?

How much can a man do to controll his fate? Is there too much to handle, too much on his plate?
Im not sure what CAN be done, should he stay and fight........or run?
Theres so much emotion, love, and depression.talk to a shrink, no not in one session.i wish i could show what i have seen, a beautiful life with my daughter my queen. Somehow thats gone taken from my grasp, cant take back what ive done in the past. i can only look forward to the future at hand, and walk with my head up try to be a man.
but its so hard when you hurt inside, all hope lost, wishing you had died.
i cant explain the feelings and thoughts, only pile them up with dead end talks.
sure i have friends that give me advice, ive talked to them once, and some of them twice.still no luck with mending my heart, can only look forward and try a new start.
Ill be waiting here......alone and worried, ive taken my time and im in no hurry.just wish things were different and things were still grand, im sorry i let it slip right through my hands.
i sometimes feel like my life has no place, my mind is drifting right out into space.I still have that image that look on your face, no more us, not even the chase.
Atleast i have one thing that ALWAYS makes my week, my beautiful daughter kissing my cheek.
Shes te love of my life, my everything my world. a 2 year old princess my daughter my girl. Shes the reason im still here today, watching her grow and watching her play. I love you baby girl, daddy’s always here, no reason to be afraid no reason to fear.
Your growing so fast changing so much, Getting so fast can hardly catch your butt!
But before i leave i just want you to know, im always here from your highs to your lows.Daddy loves you, and he ALWAYS will.
i can never get enough never get my fill.
Baby girl, I LOVE YOU!

by Andrew liggett

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