What To Do?

They say i am bad,
They say i am rude,
They say i am mean,
They even say, you are a seed of domination.
So, what to do?

Did i said to thee,
To make a seed of domination.
If i am, then i am,
I respect it, I adore it,
What bothers you,
You, the blood of impure.
You bleed the words,
But, what to do?

It's you who abandoned the paradise,
Twas you who
Whom the damned accepted.
Twas you who Thy warned me of.
It's because you,
I was dragged to this damned world.

Yet, you say i am the
One ravished your kind,
Your sanity.
Oh! you, the breed of breedless.
I never bothered and will
It's you who dared to become a breed.
What to do? what will you do?

by Khaleelulla syed.A

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Comments (2)

nice one..just keep on writing to develop ur thoughts..thats what i suggest!
whos the speaker here? is it the devil?