What To Do?

What to do? what to say?
I sit here and pretend everything is okay
I want all this to end
But my heart won’t mend
It’s almost been a year
On the 10th I shed a tear
For my family who was there
Life isn’t fair

Mommy I wish you were with me
If you were you would see
How much I have grown
I really want to come home
I’m different now
I always wonder how
How did we grow apart
It breaks my heart

Knowing you may not return
I guess I’ve learned
I kept my mouth shut for 8 years to protect you
So your life wouldn’t come crashing down too

I want you back
Because there’s the love I lack
The love only a mother can give
In order for her daughter to live
Mommy you are my world.

by dakota kennedy

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