What To Them Had Been Mentioned

The doing of that which has been done to do,
With a doing to be dismissed and not approved...
But exposed and often too!
Should not later be discovered to then upset,
Those invited to review, digest, refuse or accept...
A bounty of benefits,
Revealed but they had chosen to neglect.
To then later in time conduct protests.

And much later in attitudes demanding with others,
Also equally upset...
That the doer of those doings that had been done,
Had not come to each one to explain in detail,
Those benefits they would get specifically to detect...
If they had paid more attention and not reject,
What to them had been mentioned...
Time and time again!

But no one amongst them would admit to confess,
They sought with a seeking to be impressed.
And the doer did not 'first' attempt this to address,
With a doing that would appeal to their expectations.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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