What To Write Here

Poem By .Pd. is here

There is so much i know,
So much to express
Ideas bubbling in my mind.
Not just now, but all the time.

Despite of all this,
I'm in a fix
Whether to write a poem,
a story, or both their mix.

My mind is going wild.
A suitable topic i cannot find.
My thinking cap is not responding,
It's just going Bing Bing.......

My piece poem is today due,
Oh someone please come to my rescue.
Confuzzled I'm pacing everywhere,
But ok people i still don't know what to write here.

-(inspired by one of my pals MSN quote which said ' ok people i still don't know what to write here ')

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Hi Preeti, I really liked this poem! Some days are like that for me too, I feel like I have traffic in my mind until it is all on paper, but other days, it doesn't flow out right. Keep writing! Peace, Aisha

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