What Truth Was

So much truth for the youth,
Has gone unknown.
These days it makes no difference,
What Truth Was to have meant to be.

"Why is my truth not the same as yours.
And yours is argued,
By others to ignore."

-It all depends.-

"On what? "

-What the truth was to have been.
And when it was known,
During those times they lived in...
To tell the truth as it is.
Or was.-

Is it or is it not,
For anyone to think of it as important? "

-Today that depends on the age of the person.
And who has lived long enough,
To embellish their lives telling lies.
Leaving someone younger like you,
Repeating them to others.
Until all of you become older.
With a creating your own history.
No one will ever know,
There is nothing truthful about it.-

Maybe I should start lieing now.
What do you think? "

-That's not an easy question to answer.
Because if I told you always stay honest.
And tell the truth all the time.
You may be arrested and accused,
Of verbally abusing someone.
And locked up with no one to defend,
Your intentions.-

I should just lie?
Be dishonest."

-Not necessarily.
What was once old,
Seems to become fashionable to do.
All over again.
And besides...
Staying honest to yourself first,
Never is out of style.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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