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What Type Of Friend Are You?
KB ( / Detroit, Michigan)

What Type Of Friend Are You?

Let me identify...
Simple friends have never seen you cry. Real friends are on standby.
A Best friend make you feel better whenever you talk.
Simple friends hate when you call after a certain time, waking them up is such a crime. Real friends don't care if it's during dinner or bed time.
A Best friend calls for no reason at all.
Simple friends talk with you about your problems. Real friends are there until you solve them.
A Best friend mentions you in their daily prayers.
Simple friends speak of self-interest. Real friends listen to your gab fest, never showing disinterest.
A Best friend never reveals your secrets.
Simple friends are 'ok' with your success. Real friends are there through the process, making sure you don't digress.
A Best friend forces you to strive and achieve the best each day.
Let me classify...
You as my best friend, a God send.

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Comments (2)

I really liked your poem it is very true what you said
Kisha, thanks for this, very interesting, although I disagree with the last line. A real friend must be, first of all a real person, not one of these shallow, wishy-washy flakes that populate this world. Achievers in the sense that they must rise up the corporate ladder or some such thing, also tend not to make good friends. You could no doubt expand this poem more, think about it. H