What Use Is Man?

What use is Man? I'd like to know.
It's true he's always on the go.
He's always moving to and fro...
He works by day, he works by night,
With optimism still in sight -
Just tinkering to get things right...
Alas, through business men in suits,
Man's careless, so the world pollutes...
With apathy the deadly fruits!
In time, the world will wilt away,
Despite the fact that some will pray!
As if awaiting Judgement Day...
'Tis better, then, to live forgiven,
Blessed by the Lord, the King of Heaven
For three-six-five... and two-four-seven...
Don't live your life outside God's plan!
Don't play the fool like none else can!
Else God will ask, 'What use is Man? '

by Denis Martindale

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