What Was Done To Enjoy And Experience

So fast and quick...
These moments of time bestowed,
Upon us to live.
Coming to briefly with us sit.
This fragile and priceless,
Treasured jewel.

They barely seem with us to stay,
Family and friends and those sharing.
Before twinkling like flashes,
Of lightening bolts that dance,
To open wide startled eyes.
As if to strike excitement wished not to end,
And then this movement stops abruptly.
As if on a mission to dash to places far away.

To say for some who appreciate this,
With a gratefulness that must be expressed...
On a daily basis as if to confess,
What was done to enjoy and also experience...
Was finally accepted to be loved.
And yet gone so swiftly to connect,
With adjoining timeless space to embrace.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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