What Was Effect This Death?

Was a river of blood flowing
Head minutely were cut
Monstrous mouth was opening
What was effect this death?

Whose decision victory not known
Echo 'hit otherwise not win'
Horse and elephant was in not count
The crowd never before
Heroic crash on the gentle earth
What was effect this death?

The direction of the antiwar
Striking sword of automatically
'You've come to fight heroic battle'
His patriotic spirit vary from body
'O valiant! Get the immortal'
What was effect this death?

Flame of people come on the motherland
Extinct each reflection in the battlefield
At the end of the war for humanity
Aversion emerged in the heart of each
The gentle light of the ongoing
What was effect this death?

Bird moves on the earth
Looked at the color of blood in sky
Eve dance in mourning weeds
No voice but tongue stammers
Drop takes seat on the eyes
What was effect this death?

Breathing was blowing in mourning
All were often pledge
The witness was telling the Sun
Will not in the future Movie

Written in the age of 13

by Neeraj Sarang

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