What Was Given Away

What was given away,
Is now desired back.
And those who now posess what was given...
Can not be blamed for laughing at that.

And those who are making demands,
On borrowed time and funds...
Protest amongst themselves,
With regrets that upset...
That one freshly elected,
Is the culprit that did this to everyone.

As if their greed did not exist.
And the one who sits high in leadership,
Intentionally knew before he arrived...
He was expected to keep their fantasies alive.

With a keeping of a sparkling credit history,
Unaffected as the people continued to feed...
Owing those now closing their pockets.
Who question...
Not anyone's ability to label themselves 'great'.
But payments that are due, unpaid or even coming in late.

And yet,
Requests still pour in to those that lend...
To cover what to them,
Was not a gift to dismiss but a loan.

Alone and distanced,
Are those attempting to infuse in the proceedings...
Any remnants of common sense.
Since it seems,
As though the greeding of those who feed,
Have long been detached from it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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