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What We Aren'T
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What We Aren'T

This isn't some movie love
With me, hailing a cab and
Following you, miraculously ending up unchallenged
At gate 23 as you board
But turn back, for once hearing me
The first time I call you

And that's not us,
You standing on the platform
And me on the train,
Being painfully reserved and 'proper'
As the train pulls away and we say goodbye.
Spare me the tragedy.

We aren't the couple
Trapped in some family feud
Which we must overcome
Or some man made race divide
Which we must overcome
Or even any kind of distance
For us to travel.

We are the ones with every wasted chance
The only distance between us
The distance of a table
And yet we still can't overcome
The obstacles we've created.

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Comments (4)

It can be a huge distance, even across a table - it depends on who stands down first! Sincerely Ernestine Northover
the distance of a room, the distance of a table, the distance of a summer.
yes..my sort of poem too
Very good...this is the best poem I have seen all day.