The Frozen River(With Ref.To The India-Pakistan Cold War)

The dense, cold river,
freezes to ice,
at the breath of fire,
that blazes many buildings,
with great ostensity and pride,
The timorous fishes and dolphins,
under the shield of ice,
thrive in their dreams,
waiting to drink the,
bowl of golden light,
repeatedly reminding themselves,
of the strange voice of the,
violin that used to,
sing aloud by the break of the dusk,
The flowers and grass,
that felt supported by the,
soothing touch of the river,
droops at the sight of,
an unbreakable shield,
that settled over a land,
whose body and a portion of the leg,
were torn apart,
by the cruel laughter of fate.
Only the inquisitive penguins,
that come rushing towards the
frozen river, can spread mist,
over the frozen river,
like pulling the curtains,
at the end of a tragic drama.....................

by nithya raghavan

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