A Mother's Care

A mother's care is the best of all
For she never lets you fall
For with her love, care and smile
You can easily go a long mile
For a mother is really great
So always put on her your faith
And know that her love and care
Is a precious gift so rare
So love her and know it is true
that when you're feeling blue
Then deep inside her heart calm
You can find your pain's balm
So love her and pray to God
That for you in even and odd
Keep the shadow of her care
Because her presence is a gift rare.

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (4)

This isn't the full poem. This is the last part of Berry's poem The Wild Geese.
I love this poem on so many levels, it speaks of our connection to the earth and of inter peace and love of family. Thank you Mr. Berry for your lovely and profound work.
The pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Middletown, Ohio, used this poem as the subject of her sermon today. She sang the poem at the beginning of the sermon and ended with it also. You may hear the sermon on the church's web site at zionluthchurch.com
This is an excellent piece of writing on what matters most in life, and you wrote it so beautifully. I like the way you use enjambment in your lines, it adds to the impact.