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What We Teach Our Children By: Cay Thorne

If a child sees abuse in any form -
They will become abusers in any form;
If a child sees love;
They become lovers and romantics at heart

If a child sees loyalty and trust;
They know how to be loyal and trustworthy.
If a child sees hatred to all things and humans
They will live without love and kindness.

If a child knows encouragement and praise;
They will show encouragement and praise to all.
If a child sees peace and happiness;
They will show love and happiness to all mankind.

If a child sees violence;
They learn to be violent to anything and everything.
If a child sees bullying at home as a victim;
They become a criminal to satisfy the hunger.

If a child sees charity;
They learn to show charity to others.
If a child sees you help others in need;
They become helpers to all in need.

If a child learns how to be raciest in all forms of the word;
They WILL learn the true meaning of racism and hatred –
Which shows non of the virtues;
That we need to live with to stop;
All the kinds of EVIL in this world today.

If a child sees all the virtues that are out there in the world today;
They will show these virtues to all mankind and no matter who the person is.

by Cay Thorne

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