What We Used To Be

(This poem is not one written about me personally...its one of those based on someone else's emotions and inspired by movies and things of the sort. But i thought it was a good poem i wrote one day, and also it would probably explain the feelings of many others of their 'young love')

So long ago, I do remember
We were much more than friends, we were lovers

We knew each other so well
All my secrets, to you I could tell

What a shame we lost it all
Only based on what we saw

Don’t you remember all the good times we had?
I think about them often and they make me sad

So now I stand here all alone
While your wife stands beside you smelling your cologne

I still long to do al the things we did when we were younger
Wishing they could’ve lasted forever

I just wish we could’ve started this all over
That way every time I thing of you, I won’t feel so somber

But I guess that’s not the way it is
Because that was our final kiss

So I can only imagine all of this in a fairytale land
Where we could sit together in the sand

We’ve gone our different ways
And without you, my world has become gray

You now are married with a wife
And I still haven’t gotten over you not being in my life

by Rachel Blank

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