KJ (1994 / California)

What Went Wrong?

I know for a fact there's something wrong with this picture
As my skin gets thicker the lies grow bigger
It's so hard to watch as it all falls apart
But it was bound to happen, I told you from the start
When will it all be over? Will this pain ever stop?
Now I know what it feels like when your heart drops
I don't know where this ends, I don't know where this takes us
But you can cover up anything with a little makeup
I wish I still felt the same way
Then maybe we'd see the night of day
But I know that will never happen, I'm sure this is the end
It's as if ruining lives is nothing but a trend
It's too bad that I hurt you, now we're both left with scars
Now I'm all alone gazing at the stars
But how did this happen, it makes no sense
I sit wondering why I'm left with no friends
Maybe this is how it's supposed to be
Was this God's plan for me?
This pain seems neverending, now a smile is scarce
You can't bear to look at me but I'm not sure why
Did I do something that made you cry all night?
Why must I be the one to put up a fight, when in the end we're left with nothing but lies
Now I'm broken, torn, deep inside, but you'd never guess it if you looked into my eyes
So much you can cover up with just a fake smile
Happiness and sadness are the same after a while

by Karly Jaye

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this was a very beautiful and deep poem i really like it