What Will Become Of Our Myths And Rituals

What has happened to our valued standards and traditions?
What will become of our myths and rituals,
Upon which we so desperately depend?

'We are creating some new ones.
Those old ones no longer fit in.
But don't worry about it.
Continue to keep faith in the old ones we made up.
Since the new ones will be as equally believable.'

What 'is' true? Honest and reliable?

'How the approach is introduced.
With effective hype, propaganda and media advertisement.
What else were you expecting?
A complete admission of deceit? '

Where does God fit in with your re-writes?

'That's a good question.
I'll be sure to mention it at our next meeting.
I've made a note of it.
I'm sure it will be debated.
But who knows.
Let's keep our fingers crossed okay?
One never knows about these things.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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