What Will Last

We have sought to please You,
To know You from our youth
Through direction of religion
Searching for "The Truth".
Our lives were filled with laws,
So many things to do
We never saw the Freedom
That could come from serving You!
And then the veil was lifted,
Our lives no longer lost;
Your Plan for our Salvation,
Revealed upon the Cross:
That through the Grace of Jesus Christ,
Our King upon the Throne,
We are called to know the Love of God
Though no striving of our own!
You call us Sons and Daughters,
Your Chosen, Set Apart;
No longer by the rules we keep
But by Your Spirit in our hearts.
And so we enter into Your rest,
That in learning to be still,
We find the peace that is Your gift
And the strenght to do Your will.

by Anna Marie Wayne

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