What Will They Not Be Getting

What will they not be getting,
By attending a public school...
That the students in public schools,
Receive on a daily basis?

How about a quality education?

Supported by the protection,
Of Secret Service personnel.
A 'take-no-prisoners' mother!
Solid and firm!
A doting grandmother...
Who is reminiscent of Madame Butterfly.
And a father who is President,
Of the United States.

Not to underestimate the teachers.
But no one needs to lose a gamble...
That they have been selected and qualified,
To teach.
And not meet in the teacher's lounge,
Planning retirements or complaining...
About the discipline of the children.

An education they will certainly be getting!
One that can be applied,
To ensure a quality of life lived.
For the rest of their lives!
Whether they try or not!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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