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What Will You Be Remembered For?
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What Will You Be Remembered For?

This is what many people never think about
Our action today is the history of tomorrow
Are you planning on making a good history?
Or you have concluded to close up your mind
We humans are not an island by ourselves
We belong to a bigger society – the planet earth
What are they going to remember you for?
Will it be the people you help at all times?
Or those folks you hurt always with your actions
The people you make laugh or those you make cry
The fellows you smile at or those you frown on
The folks you jilted in anger and fury
Or those you accommodated with their faults
Will it be those you gave the right advice
Or the fellows you gave the wrong direction
Will it be your very fat bank account?
Or the needy you spend your money on
What are they going to remember you for?
The king who reigns and his
People became happy and prosperous
The world will never forget
Also, the king who reigns and
His citizens became poorer and hopeless
The society will always remember
The law of retributive justice operates
In the universe – invisibly
The people you make happy today may payback
Your family with double happiness tomorrow
It is time to take a good look at yourself
And ask – what will I be remembered for?

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is this a lecture on morality or what?