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What Women Don'T Know
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

What Women Don'T Know

Women don't know how they play on mens emotions 
Thinking they're the only ones who feel any pain and cry oceans
They always think the pain is exclusive to they're gender
They think the messages won't ever end up killing their sender
They think we are impervious to pain because we have a stick
We apparently only have one intention, and that's to turn out a trick
We aren't in love, we wanna make love when we see their hips
We talk so much dirt the stench should make us cry from our lips
Call us heartbreakers then impale us the first chance you get
Get on our shows then curse us out and tear down our stage and set
Women don't know how we feel when they say they wanna leave
How we can't do anything at all, not eat nor sleep nor breathe
Loneliness doesn't change because our gender drops the Fe from itself
Losing the FE doesn't mean FEelings we leave abandoned on a shelf
In fact it means the opposite, Frustrations and Emotions that you make us feel
Leaving us alone cold and empty telling us we just need to learn to deal
We don't show it, were full of the very same insecurities you are
Everytime you leave, were stuck holding a heart with a large scar
Even when you smile and laugh we see the beauty in your eyes
Men have emotions too, we aren't vehicles fueled by games and lies 

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