Thank God For Winter

My eyes can see that winter’s here
Yet in my heart it’s Spring
The love of God has brought such cheer
I praise my Lord and King

The wind has brought fresh snow today
Last week’s was growing old
Not all the birds have flown away
How do they stand the cold?

Once more, the land’s adorned in white
Beautiful are the trees
I thank the Lord for this delight
For such fine sights as these

Now here and there the snow’s quite deep
Perhaps two feet or more
Many creatures are fast asleep
Behind their bedroom door

For miles I see this glorious sight
So fresh in hill and dale
Just like a bride in liquid light
Behind her virgin’s veil

I love to walk on virgin snow
To feel that special crunch
Then when I’m done off home I go
To eat a steaming lunch

I thank my God for all the fun
We share with such good reason
We celebrate Salvation’s Son
Such joy is winter season

Give thanks to God all winter long
Even when it’s freezing
Bless Him now with praise and song
There’s nothing quite so pleasing…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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Are you the Becky that worked for AHCO in Austin, I really need to find my friend. Hope your her, I'll come visit.