MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

What Wonder Is This?

What wonder’s this? How can it be?
A miracle indeed
Yet here today my eyes can see
Man’s one and only need

The Lamb tortured upon a tree
Innocence! crucified
The Living Lord, God Almighty
Has come to me inside

It’s true! Its fact! Salvation’s real!
What can I do but shout
With Heaven’s Fire inside, I feel
There’s no more room for doubt

I’ve had The Call! I’ve heard His voice
So few have heard before
How can I fail to make the choice?
To enter Heaven’s Door

To treasures, with a crown of gold
Contentment joy and peace
To harvest which is never sold
Or ever brought to cease

I speak The Truth I tell no lie
With heart and soul contrite
Though once full sin condemned to die
I’ll rise in Fire & Light

I’ll fly! I’ll soar upon the clouds
With countless voices sing
Above this world’s defiant crowds
Accompanied by The King

How great is He who planned it
Who died for you and me
Who’ll speak and single handed
Bring all these things to be

by Michael P. Johnson

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