LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

What Would A Non-Vegetarian-Feed Hen Eat?

I was putting the eggs on the shelf at work today,
When what did I notice one packet say?
Eggs from a vegetarian-feed hen,
So I wonder -
What would a NON-VEGETARIAN-feed hen eat then?

Would they eat chicken?
Imagine the dinner-table conversation,
'Shame Penny's not here - but she's finger-licking'
After careful deliberation -
I don't think a hen would eat a relation.

Then what about Steak?
'Neville - Glad you could come -
Now how would you like your steak done? '
Even if they were skinny as a rake,
I don't think a hen would like to eat stake.

This rest of the verse,
I shall leave up to you,
Please tell me,
What's a poor non-vegetarian-feed hen to do?


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Liz, That was fun Perhaps you could put in the dish a freshly frozen fish But might chicken take the flounder and throw her back where he found her
This was very funny Liz! I have no idea! :) Sincerely, Mary