What Would Be The Purpose

Taking it to falsify someone's character,
Eventually results in the discrediting...
Of the person making adverse comments.

Not only is the person who has been defamed,
Discovered not to be the person believed to have been known...
But also those who become aware of this,
Realize the only information they get about anyone depicted...
Has never come from the mouths of those,
Who are themselves the 'horses'.
You know what I'm sayin'...
Those who actually lay down their own life track.

That information has always been given by someone,
Running their mouth giving opinions to have others quickly believe.
And doing it as if they've been annointed an authority.
Whole families have been ruined by people like that.
People who are jealous and lie about the actual facts.

When people eventually meet someone who has been scandalized.
Their actual personas aren't accepted.
In fact,
It is perceived they are in disguise.

'Why do they act like that? '

~Act? That's who they are.~

'That's not what I've been told.'

When was the last time you had a conversation with them? ~

'I've never had a conversation with them.
What would be the purpose? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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