DD (6-18-1961 / Gary, Indiana)

What Would Have Happened?

What would have happened if you had been given away?
There certainly wasn’t anything that was standing in the way.
Someone was busy enjoying life and wasn’t thinking about having a baby.
But, when they found out you were inside of them giving you up was not an option, not even a maybe.

What would have happened if they had carried you around for nine months?
Then decided to give you to someone else to care for you and not really know what was what.
Do you think they would have gone on about their business as if they didn’t care?
There would have never been a day to go by that they didn’t wonder who you were with and where.

What would have happened if they hadn’t given you a chance to know all the people who love you?
Your grandmother, grandfather, aunties and cousins, and all of the friends you have made, too.
Would it have been fair to all of those people to get rid of you when they were willing to help?
These people would do anything to provide for and raise you, regardless of how anyone felt.

What would have happened in your life if you had been given to some stranger?
You could have ended up abused, neglected or abandoned by someone filled with anger.
Do you think you would have been as blessed as you are with all that you have been given?
You can’t really answer that question because of the wonderful life you have been living.

What would have happened in all of these years as you grew up with a spirit of rejection?
You see, no matter what people think when a child is given away these feelings become manifestations.
Some end up on drugs, suicidal, alcoholic, serial killers, or on the street turning tricks.
This happens just because someone made the choice that the child they were carrying weren’t worth it.

What would happen if I didn’t care enough to say these things to you?
Because I am someone who loves you so much, I must admonish you about some things that you do.
I can’t just let you give this child away because in the long run I know you and the child will hurt.
Hang in there, my child, I am with you all the way right now and even after the birth.

What’s the worst thing that can happen with something as precious and miraculous as a child?
Who is trained up as they should go, so that when they grow older they won’t go wild.
If you give your child away, my dear, you will never get a chance to see.
How God gave you a chance to impart into another life so they could be all he intended them to be.

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