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What Would Jesus Do

She calls herself a Christian,
And he calls himself a Christian too,
Then they always protest this and that,
So I wonder, what would Jesus do.

They are holding their protest signs
Screaming that all should work to be fed,
I guess that they forgot about Jesus feeding the poor
And also that he raised the dead.

Would Jesus be allowed in our country
Or would he be on a banned list,
Would they hate him for hurting money changers
By showing his wrath with his fist.
I wonder what Jesus's thoughts would be on immigration
As he and Noah and Moses were ones as well,
Would he forget about us and our country
Saying Christianity here had fail.

They distance themselves from the needy
As on faraway beaches their world relaxes,
While the poor get hungry and they freeze
I wonder what contributions they claim on their taxes.
They hate other religions and beliefs
And they don't care about others pain and flight,
They believe what they want to believe
On their Bible they stand hypocritically as they fight.

It is easy to call oneself a Christian
By going to Church several times a week,
And then to carry a gun as your Lord and protector
So, to never turn the other cheek.

As a Christian I walk in Christ's steps
The Bible gives me and all more than a clue,
And I will never judge either him or her
As I always ask myself first, what would Jesus do.

Randy L. McClave

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