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What Would U Do
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

What Would U Do

She open the door, seeing him was no surprise
Smiling at her because they both know what awaits inside
As they walk up the stairs her heart beats faster and faster
She look back as he playfully grabs her
When they got up the stairs he laid her on the bed
They began kissing and then he said
I love you
She said I love you too
He undress her as she undress him
Both of them kissing and sweating as the light goes dim
This is the moment when she give her innocence away
As he pull out she didn't know what to say
He ask for any final rejections as he stick it in
The pain was unbearable his heart was all she wanted to win
She thought giving it up was going to let him stay
That was all she thought about and pray
If it was up to you what would you do?

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