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What Would You Do?
MAM (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

What Would You Do?

Crank up the volume for this one is going to be different
Stop for a while, dress up, this one is going to be good
Wash your face, take those tears away let’s do something new
Gather up everybody and let’s celebrate life for once

No this is not about love; this is not about you and me
Keep your head up for tomorrow the sun will shine for us
If we all just keep each other hand in hand, you’ll see
We all have reason to live for tomorrow, there He goes…

Sing your song out loud; let him hear your praises
Dance with the tune; let him see the smile on your face
Girl you’re not alone for there He is holding you
Tomorrow let’s face the morning with joy and hope

Now here he goes reaching for your hand…
Will you just stand there with all your tears?
Will you just sleep and dream while he’s reaching out?

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